Business Law

Our office represents business owners throughout the life cycle of a company.  We handle formations, operating agreements, mergers, acquisitions, and anything related.  Our sister company can also assist with identifying sources of capital to grow your business.


Real Estate Law

We have negotiated commercial leases in some of the most prestigious buildings in the United States.  Our clients have been major clothing and apparel brands, restaurant chains, and professional service providers.  We have also handled loan and lease workouts for clients that have faced some setbacks that need time to get their business back on track.  We also represent clients at Residential Real Estate Closings in New York City.

Finance Law

Businesses require capital to survive and thrive.  If your business needs to raise capital from investors or needs to borrow money from an individual or institution, we can guide you through the process.  Whether you are conducting a private placement or want to take advantage of the new opportunities in the crowd funding space, we can provide the necessary guidance.


Contract Disputes

In business and in your personal life sometimes agreements between two parties do not turn out as expected.  Resolving contract disputes requires the proper balance of zealousness and creativity.  If you find yourself in such a place, contact us today for some feedback and possible courses of action.

Entertainment and Hospitality Law

Our office has negotiated a variety of sports and entertainment agreements with some of the largest organizations in the United States.  We have also worked extensively with the owners of restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.


Probate, Personal Injury and Criminal Law

Our office works with many of the most skilled practitioners in New York City in the areas of Probate, Personal Injury and Criminal Law.  All consultations are free.  Call for an evaluation of your matter and if we do not have the right attorney to handle your case, we will introduce you to the right expert in the field you need.